The Story of Us-Her Story, Part 5

I returned home & started thinking about our wedding. I wanted it all to be very simple. Where to be married? Here in IL, in our backyard with twinkle lights? Or in FL? Maybe we could do both? Small ceremonies in both places, so all our loved ones could be there? The decision came very easily, as my family said, without skipping a beat, “We will come to FL!” So, FL it is! Jim, too, had been mentioning our wedding, & his friends, Suzanne & David asked if we had a venue? (I am very proud to say I know what a venue is, because my daughter, Kimmy, was at one time a wedding consultant;) Jim mentioned a local hall, or small church, or an outside area. Suzanne & David offered their home as our wedding site! They have a beautiful home in The Villages! So, the next question is, when? Jim asked if I had a date in mind. Well, we kind of had already picked September 28, 2013, but let’s be married sooner? I really had no special date in mind, & Jim wanted a date he could easily remember, so he said, “How about July 4th?” I, too, had thought of that date, but wondered if the holiday would be too hectic for everyone. We agreed to try for the 4th of July. Jim asked Suzanne & David, & they said YES! Jim emailed me with the message…Fireworks! I let my family know, & they were all so happy, YES, they would come! Thank you so much, Suzanne & David!

Planning even the simplest wedding is fun! My sister, Jody is my bridesmaid, & her husband, Biff, a pastor, will marry us! My daughter, Kimmy, is my maid of honor! My son, Todd is in the wedding party. Sam, my 11 year old grandson, is ring bearer, & my 5 year old granddaughter, Addison, is flower girl! I hope my niece, Kyleen & her husband, Marcus can make the trip, too. I thank them for trying. Jody & Biff’s daughters, Jamie & Jessie are coming.

Jim has family & friend coming, too, both from IL & FL!

Jim & I talked often about our wedding plans, then in November, 2012, Jim asked if I could come for Christmas? That’s a hard one, because I really missed him, & of course, would want to come back. Christmas for me, is all about the children, & when I say children, I mean my grands, Sam & Addie. I have been caring for them since they were born, so they are my “world.” Missing Christmas morning, seeing their smiling faces & hearing their laughter on Christmas morning…so Jim, who knows me so well, asked “how about the day after Christmas?” So easy, no hesitation…Book it, Dano! ;0

I started looking for a wedding dress. I do not have a pretty dress, so I asked my friend, Judie for her help. The girl knows how to shop, & she really KNOWS me ­čśë All I knew is I would have to LOVE it, & I do have a dress that I love.

I arrived in The Villages again on December 26, 2012. Jim & I visited the B52 Park again, it is quite lovely. Then home to meet mom for  lunch. We celebrated our Christmas together, & it was a very merry Christmas! I only had 12 days this time, so we really had to pack it in!

We met with Suzanne & David & talked about our plans for our wedding! So exciting! We tried on wedding rings, & have our silver bands. We also saw Jim’s great IL friend, Tim, as he passed by The Villages! Jim & Tim (T&R Towing) worked together for many years. The “R” is for Tim’s wife, Rayette, & they are coming to our wedding! Another IL friend of Jim’s, Dan, also happened to be in The Villages, visiting his dad. Jim’s cousin, Sheri, will make our wedding cake! She bakes at Disneyworld, so you know it will be awesome!

We missed New Year’s Eve at Suzanne & David’s, because I caught a bad cold. I did not want to pass that around. I was feeling fine in 2 days. We went back to our favorite wine, cheese, & music bar, Garvino’s. B.D. Beans, Crispers, Ay Jalisco, Flippers, Mexican Grill, Orange Blossom Country Club, Bonifay Country Club. Aw Shucks with Mom, Carla & Wanda. ┬áRotary Club, computer club, the Squares for wine & music. Library, my haunt. I love to read, & am never without a book. We saw a puppet show at friends, Barbara & Tom. We sold raffle tickets for a Prius (which I did not win, but that’s ok, because Publishers Clearing House will be stopping by my house on April 30. You know, the celebration van, balloons, & $5K each week for the rest of my life! IT”S MY TURN TO WIN!!)

So, for now, the days are numbered. I watch the countdown to The Villages, & I am amazed at how quickly time goes by.  My son, Todd, & I will leave IL early, Friday, June 7. We will take a couple of days driving, as we are both NOT power drivers. I am packed & ready to begin a new life in The Villages.

I have learned  that we just never know what will come at us, & it is never too late to change the end of our story, & live happily ever after.



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