The Story of Us… her story, part 3

Now, we have decided to get married! Maybe I just did not believe it, maybe I was afraid to get too excited (and scare Jim!). So, I kinda “skirted” the subject. One night, I was looking at Facebook, and saw that Jim changed his relationship status to “engaged!”

Wow! Well, that sure brought the comments in! And I love him for doing that. Jim also says that in an email dated January 1, 2011, at 2:08am, I asked him, “will you marry me someday?” I do remember that.

My son and I took a trip to visit my sister, Jody, and her husband, Biff, in Harrisburg, IL. Suddenly, Todd says, “OK! Let’s set the wedding date right now. It can always change, but I need something to put on my calendar!”

Summer or Fall, 2013 has been my exit year for a long time. It would be time to leave my post as a stay-at-home-nana. I have been caring for Samuel (Sam, 11) and Addison (Addie, 5) since they were born. I wanted to see them both off to school, and in August, Addie will start kindergarten! So, I randomly picked September 28, 2013.

I checked with Jim, and he said ok, so that was the date. I started telling family and friends very slowly. At first, I got the super silly reactions. Are you crazy? Are you dying? Are you pregnant? Then came the I am so happy for you two! My family was so excited! My son, Todd, my daughter, Kimmy. My sister, Jody, and her husband, Biff, (And yes, his real given name is Biff), my niece, Kyleen and her husband, Marcus, my brother Michael, my cousin Karen. As you can see, I have a very small family.

Oh, and my mom is so tickled to see this happening from her front row seat in Heaven. She really loved Jim.

And…my friends! Shari, Beth, Patricia and Don, Judie. Eileen, Pat, and Tina. Sue, Pam, Tricia, Barb, Jeanne, Donna and Kevin, Rita Mae. Bob and Linda, Frank, Kathy, Tom, Irma and Mark, Janet and Gene… and all my Facebook friends.

And Jim’s friends from so many years ago. Tim and Rayette, Teresa, Jan and Marty, David, Dan and Terry. And Jim’s family and Florida friends… well, maybe we can encourage him to tell HIS story?

Now, let’s fast forward to Summer, 2012. Jim sent me plane tickets for a visit to The Villages, for the WHOLE MONTH OF JULY!

…to be continued


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